Thursday, May 27, 2010


WE DO NOT YET KNOW WHEN WE WILL BE STARTING OUR 2010 PROGRAM! When we do know, YOU WILL RECEIVE a postcard in the mail from us!!

We always aim to start the third Saturday in June. However, the weather does affect when we will be starting. After a beautiful end of April, our vegetable growth slowed during the beginning of May due to the cooler temperatures. With the high heat over the past week, they seem to be catching up nicely.

We also had some unexpected events happen at the farm this past spring which set us further behind. Hopefully the beautiful, warm weather will get us up to where we should be!

This week we planted our onions and leeks, and began planting the zucchini and yellow squash outside. The swiss chard that we direct seeded in early May is coming along nicely, however our lettuce growth has been slow.