Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The Feel-Rite (Group H) drop-off site in Buffalo has gotten too big!! Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept new members at this site--we've overgrown our capacity at this store! However, we have been able to start three new groups in the Buffalo area-- Akron (Group O, located on Crittenden Rd), Clarence Center (Group N, located on Long St), and Depew/Cheektowaga (Group M, located at Como Park). If anyone would like to switch to one of these groups, please call the farm or email us to let us know.

The Auburn Ave (Group A) drop-off site has also just about reached capacity. Fortunately, a member has volunteered her home as a drop-off site just around the corner on Lexington Ave (Group L). We're working to split the Auburn Ave group up a little, and are still accepting new members to either location.

Sorry to keep everyone waiting to hear about the start date of our program, but we're really struggling to get things growing here on the farm! Everything was planted according to schedule, but the cool night temperatures are not encouraging the veggies to grow at all! Post cards and emails will be sent soon, we promise!

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