Thursday, August 5, 2010

In the Bag: August 7

-Caraflex Cabbage
-Swiss Chard
-Sweet Frying Pepper
-Green Bell Pepper
-Last of the cucumbers
-Yellow Squash
-Purple Kohlrabi
-Red or Green Leaf Lettuce

**Only some members will be receiving eggplant this week. We were able to find some large eggplant in our field, and if we leave it until next week, it would become too big and split. Therefore, we harvested all that was out there and will distribute it to some groups on Saturday. Whoever does not get eggplant this week, will get it in the following weeks. There are many more small eggplant out there!
Please note--even though we planted 3 times as much eggplant as last year, high heat makes the eggplant blossoms fall off. We planted WAY more than is needed for all of our members, but once again, this shows how large of a factor the weather plays in what vegetables you receive in your bags from week to week.

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